1. 100 day Roadmap to prepare the city for hosting an international sport event.

2. Methodology of political and institutional alignment to guarantee the matching of the Host City Candidature and the long term city planning.

3. Master Plan for the organisation of the international sport event.

4. Design of public-private partnerships.

Solutions designed for City Halls, Municipalities, Ministries, Foundations, Public and Private Organizations related to Sport Promotion, Corporate Social Responsibility Units and Sponsors of Sport Events.
This project prepares the city for the challenges implicated with the organization of international sport events, thanks to the adaptation of its strategy, institutions, infrastructure and services. We provide the city the with the necessary tools required for the perfect organization of the event and to maximize the appeal and attractiveness that the city gan generate.

Cities that wish to become hosts of international sports events need to implement urban interventions, such as: the articulation of the political and institutional aspects, the territorial strategy and the organization of the event itself. Solution developed in collaboration with Enric Truñó, international expert in sport consultancy.