Methodology of analysis and elaboration of projects that aim for the economic revitalization and promotion of the agricultural and agro-industrial fields.

Solutions designed for City Halls, Municipalities, Ministries, Foundations, Public and Private Organizations related to the agricultural field and economic promotion. Special Economic Zones and Local Agency for economic and social development.
Because of this solution, the territory will enhance its competitiveness through the specialization of its agricultural and agro-industrial production. It will obtain benefits through the comparative advantages created through the attraction of investments and talent, as well as job creation.

Solution for the analysis of rural areas and the elaboration of sustainable development plans in the agrarian and agro-industrial fields. This holistic perspective includes, the social, economic and environmental dimensions. The project is carried out in partnership with Veronica Kuchinow, Founder and Director of Simbiosys and President of Rural Smart (International Conference).