Jordi Hereu, as the President of IdenCity and with the experience of having been the Mayor of the City of Barcelona from 2006 to 2011, will be the Keynote Speaker for the upcoming Smart City Expo in Casablanca, Morocco on next 18th April 2018: “Liveable Cities and Urban Innovation”.

Under the title “The City as a Project”, he will speak about the need to build and consolidate a ‘City Project’ as the main challenge of its political and social leaders, and an indispensable condition for the development of a SMART CITY. He will explain that the consolidation of a ‘City Project’ will depend on the articulation between the Government, citizens and the private sector, conceiving technology as a great instrument at the service of the citizens and the ‘City Project’.

The event aims to discuss a new social and sustainable urban management and development model, focusing on social innovation and technology driven by a collaborative society, inclusive green economy and citizens engagement. A new model that is able to respond in an integral manner to meet the needs of its habitants and visitors in terms of mobility, urban planning, governance, green economy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, environment, resilience, security, education and health.

To this end, the Smart City Expo Casablanca 2018 reunites public authorities, researchers and academics, national and international experts and firms specialized in urban development from all around the world. It’s a top event for the firms and institution to share knowledge, discuss best practices and build inclusive, innovative and sustainable urban policies.